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Will soon be showing many new, recently aquired or uncataloged items including original newspaper clippings from 93,1st press vinyl, tapes, letters, burzum and mayhem beyond rare flyers, artifacts, etc!! We will also soon be opening an Exhibit of sorts! And YES we accept donations if youd like items preserved and displayed properly! Just message ir write us with your contact details. Keep checking back! -Black Metal Museum

Monday, August 15, 2011

Euronymous bullet belt(Update: Certified in writing by Metalion!!)

This is Euronymous's actual bullet belt. I aquired this from Aslak, who worked at Helvete and was a known individual in the early Norwegian scene. Aslak had access to many items, and has sold most of it to Oslo based Neseblod Records. He purchased it from Hellhammer soon after Euronymous's death. Proof can be provided if one seeks verification. Unfortunately some of the bullets were given to friends in the early '90s, and some "heads" have since fallen off the shells. One thing that is remarkable is the size, its very small, I would estimate a size 30-32 in American terms. Regardless of it's condition, this IS Euronymous's belt, and is the one he can be seen wearing in most photos of the time.

Burzum Demo tape belonging to Euronymous: inscription by Varg Vikernes

Donated to the museum by Runhild Gammelsæter, she states:

"The authentic demo tape of Burzum "Burzum" on recordable cassette which Varg recorded himself at home and sent to Øystein Aarseth. (Editors Note: Varg's rather distinctive handwriting can be seen on this. Later I was informed it was sent to Øystein (Euronymous) to see if he would release it on DSP). Øysteins parents let his friends have his possessions when he was killed, and I was dating one of his friends who aquired this. When he was going to break it I salvaged it. It is quite a funny object, because it is a re-used recordable cassette he must have taken from his mother. There is a small sticker on the end which says "Cat Stevens", and "Burzum" is hand written over "Metallica" on the tape. On side B he has filled in the empty space with Darkthrone (probably
to tape over the Cat Stevens...)." 

Knife from Helvete Shop

This knife was one of the "wall decorations" hung up in Euronymous's shop Helvete, it can be seen in the "Lords of Chaos" book as well as in the movie "Until the Light Takes Us". It was taken by one of Euronymous's friends immediately after the murder. I obtained it from him. Anyone who ever visited the shop will immediately recognize this. You can see a still from "Until the Light Takes Us" below the pic, the rather ugly, touristy looking knife is on the top right hand side. In a very, very bad quality.

Film still from "Until The Light Takes Us", showing the knife:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dark Throne test press vinyl - 1992

Darkthrone "white label" Test Press vinyl for 1992's "Ablaze in the Northern Sky". Arguably, or maybe not, THE most important Black Metal record ever released. This is a rare test pressing pre release that was picked by Darren from
Anathema when he visited the Peaceville uk offices with Nocturno Culto. Some say 4 were printed, others say 20 to 30, one website says 50. I'm going with 20 to 30. Complete with glossy promo pic and press release. The vinyl itself has the proper markings "the re-return etc" and is unplayed.

Euronymous typewritten, signed letter 1993

This is a letter Euronymous (Øystein Aarseth) typed and signed, and sent to Svein Egil Hatlevik from Fluerety (who I sometimes drum with, hence me recieving this gem). The letter roughly reads:

"here's your Burzum and Mayhem records, I'm working on releasing the Emperor/Enslaved split, Helvete shop has closed down for now."

The signature is written in pen, in English it translates as "war and sodomy", and has what looks like a communist star, amongst other fanciful decorations. Sorry about the picture quality but it is framed and I was hesitant to remove it. The letter is from 1993.

A close up of the signature also below, if anyone has any indication as to what the scrawlings are, please feel free to let me know.

Burzum autograph

Framed signature from Varg Vikernes. Snipped from an old letter. I framed it and used a first press edition CD of "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" as a background. Varg is notorious for not signing things, and even this seems to be written in the Nordic "Runes" style.1994-95. I can't name the source but it is extremely reliable and it is beyond doubt that this is Varg's signature.

Bathory shirt - bootleg, printed by Euronymous

This is my favourite. A bootleg Bathory Shirt printed by Euronymous for sale in his Helvete shop. Obtained from Aslak, a former temporary employee of Helvete in '92/3. The story is: only 100 were printed, but less than 50 sold. Mainly to the major "players", such as Varg (Burzum) and Snorre (Thorns), who apparently wore them frequently. This has been described as one of the most sought after black
Metal shirts of all. This was printed in Norway, as there were some printed in Sweden, but I'm not 100 percent on that at the moment.

Euronymous wearing the Bathory shirt:

Burzum hand-pressed shirt 1992/1993

This piece previously belonged to Runhild Gammelsæter:

From Runhild:
 "An original Burzum "Aske" t-shirt. This is one of the 600 t-shirts Varg hand pressed and sold in 92/93. The print was crooked. I got this from Baron von Abbaddon in 1994 (traded it for an Immortal longsleeve, haha). I used to wear it when I went clubbing in Oslo in the late 90s and Abbaddon has worn it before me"

Burzum, Hvis lyset tar oss vinyl - 1st press, 1993

1st press limited to 2000 copies only, 1993 Burzum "Hviss Lyset tar oss" (until the light takes us). Marble vinyl, includes inserts, stickers, etc. I was lucky enough to get this in Oslo, Norway on my last trip. Perfect shape, unplayed.

Hellhammer demo from Helvete shop 1992

Hellhammer Demo Tape 1992

This is one of the few Hellhammer demos that were bootlegged and sold at the independent record store Helvete, run by Øystein Aarseth (Euronymous). It's just a copy/blank cassette tape containing the demos. Euronymous would simply bootleg records he could not get in bulk, so he could sell them. In '92 it wasn't as easy to obtain Hellhammer records as it is now. I doubt he did it out of greed, and probably did it to spread the word about the band. According to several of my friends in Norway at the time, he would pressure people to buy them to prove they were "worthy". Most Black Metallers bought them, listened to them once and forgot about these tapes. The paper the cover is printed on is the same that the Helvete catalogue cover is printed on. Perfect condition.

Rare interview tape, inscription by Varg Vikernes

This is yet another beyond rare Burzum object sent to me by Runhild. They (Varg and Runhild) corresponded via letter in the early mid 90's, and Varg sent her a cassette of various radio interviews he had done. He also wrote on it. Was sent from the prison he was at during the time. Beyond rare as it has both his handwriting on it (not much exists) and it is a compilation "master tape" of his interviews. Probably the only one in existence unless he still has his own copy floating about. Nice to know they gave prisoners cassette decks though ;). I will eventually upload these to Youtube, as it is multiple interviews that nobody has heard except during the time it aired on the radio in Norway.

Venom LP 1981 - first pressing

The first ever pressing of Venoms 1981 "Welcome to Hell" LP on Britain's Neat Records. This has the silver label and the correct serial number. The cover is in rough shape, the actual vinyl looks unplayed more or less. Again, this is the first pressing, not one of the 30 or so repressings. Good shape considering its nearly 30 years old.

Gorgoroth "Antichrist" picture disc 666 copies

Limited edition "Antichrist" picture disc released on Malicious records in 1996, only 666 copies.

Immortal "Pure Holocaust" vinyl

Immortal 1993 limited to 2000 first press of "Pure Holocaust" on vinyl. This is not the priciest (around 150€) but remains one of the most sought after black metal vinyls.

Immortal Battles in the North LP

 A first press first edition Immortal "Battles in the north" vinyl. Mint or near mint, unplayed. Vinyl was limited to 1000 copies.

Immortal picture disc

1997 Immortal picture disc by Osmose label, limited to only 300 copies, of first album "Diabolical full moon mysticism". Rare and cool.

Euronymous' house

This is Euronymous' front door. And the murder site. We gained entrance to the courtyard but were unable to get into the infamous stairwell.

Venom LP 1985

Given to me by the mighty Crossover, this is a 1985 pressing of Venom's album "Possesed", Polish pressing. Good shape. More sentimental value than anything.

Enslaved autograph

Very strange letter from the vocalist of Enslaved, Grutle Kjellson.

Hellhammer vinyl bootleg

12" LP (2004) limited to 524 hand numbered copies on blood red vinyl.
One side of the vinyl label is blank, the other says "HELL UBER ALLES" and is numbered.


1. The Third Of The Storms (Evoked Damnation)
2. Massacra
3. Triumph Of Death
4. Horus/Aggressor
5. Revelations Of Doom
6. Messiah
7. Crucifixion

Mayhem autographs

Recently autographed set list (on back) from Mayhem. Thanks to my dear friend Johanna for procuring this for me.

Bathory vinyl, "Bathory"

Not incredibly valuable, or rare. just super cool! Clear bathory vinyl from 2003 of their 1984 album "Bathory".

Track listing:

1. "Storm of Damnation (Intro)" – 3:06
2. "Hades" – 2:45
3. "Reaper" – 2:44
4. "Necromansy" – 3:40
5. "Sacrifice" – 3:16
6. "In Conspiracy with Satan" – 2:29
7. "Armageddon" – 2:31
8. "Raise the Dead" – 3:41
9. "War" – 2:15
10. "Outro" – 0:22

Ultra rare Fleurety longsleeve 1995

Bathory "Jubileum" shirt early 90's

Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas - bootleg

A bootleg Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas 12 inch vinyl from 1997, limited to 666 copies. Relatively rare and sought after considering it's a bootleg. Purple/blue splatter vinyl. Cover is the same as the original.


1. Funeral Fog
2. Freezing Moon
3. Cursed In Eternity
4. Pagan Fears
5. Life Eternal
6. From The Dark Past
7. Buried By Time And Dust
8. De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

It is rumoured that a label called Voices From Hell (Japan) released this LP and it is possible because there are Japanese symbols engraved in the vinyl.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Helvete Catalogue

This is a 1992 catalogue from the old Helvete shop/mail order, the independent record label set up and run by Euronymous (Øystein Aarseth). It's the first catalogue, and the "Norwegian" edition, as I heard that Swedish versions exist(?). This was sent to me recently as a gift from a good friend in Oslo.

Misanthropy bag - 90s

This is a rather cool plastic bag from the mid 90's. Nothing amazing, just nice to have

Helvete basement

We visited the former Helvete shop in Oslo, which is now a bakery. The staff were kind enough to let us check out the infamous basement where from 1991 to 1993 Euronymous and co. held court. We found this still there almost 20 years later! Really exciting! Er... I mean grim

Burzum cassette

This is a Cymophane/Necropolis version of Burzum's 1993 "Det Som Engang Var".  It is unplayed and literally in perfect shape. Varg left the Deathlike Silence label and started Cymophane, then licenced this to Necropolis. Very, very few were made as Necropolis, according to Varg, ripped him off, hence he considers this a "bootleg" but it is an official release. Misanthropy soon released it on cd/vinyl on their label. Only cassetes were made and they were only available in the US. It even has translations in English.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Bathory Cassette tape - 1985

A mint condition US cassette tape of Bathory's 1984 self titled first album "Bathory" as released by Combat Records in the US in 1985. I received this cassette from a highly reputable source. It's 26 years old and in unplayed, perfect shape.

Ved Buens Ende demo tape 1995 - first print

An original first press first print of the deme tape Ved Buens Ende. Released on Ancient Lore record label in 1995. Apparently the first batch had a “hiss” sound which in subsequent pressings was removed. This has the hiss. Given by the band to Svein Egil Hatlevik of Fluerety who then passed it to me. Unplayed.

Track listing:
1. A Mask In The Mirror
2. The Carrier Of Wounds
3. You That May Wither
4. The Plunderer
5. Those Who Caress The Pale

Fleurety - Min Tid Skal Komme - album tape - 1995

Fleurety's 1995 first album, "Min Tid Skal Komme" as released by Morbid Noizz (Poland) in 1996. Still sealed in shrinkwrap and signed by Svein Egil Hatlevik.

Track listing:

1 Fragmenter av en fortid
2 En skikkelse i horisonten
3 Hvileløs?
4 Englers piler har ingen brodd
5 Fragmenter av en fremtid

MAYHEM bootleg tape

Mayhem bootleg tape from 1993 featuring some rehearsals and unreleased material dating back to 1990.

Emperor: Wrath of the Tyrant demo tape 1992 (master)

Emperor's demo (1992), released by Wild Rags, which was the only official release, the cassette itself says "Emporer Master" on it. Not sure why so info is appreciated.

Track list:

2.Ancient Queen
3.My Empire's Doom
4.Forgotten Centuries
5.Night of the Graveless Souls
6.Moon over Kara-Shehr
7.Witches Sabbath
8.Lord of the Storms
9.Wrath of the Tyrant
10. Witches Sabbath
11. Ancient Queen

After a short while together, the band released a demo entitled Wrath of the Tyrant. It quickly gained popularity in the underground and attracted the attention of the then-start-up label Candlelight. Soon afterwards, a record contract was signed, Samoth moved to rhythm guitar, Ihsahn continued the vocal duties and lead guitars, and Faust was recruited as a drummer. The band was signed to the infamous first black metal label, Deathlike Silence Productions, and planned to release their next album soon, though the band never managed to release any material while signed to DSP.

Mortiis - Era 1 VHS tape

"Reisene Til Grotter Og Odemarker", 24 minute track on video cassette, from the album "Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent", 1995. All of the Era I albums were composed entirely on synthesizers, creating a sound that Mortiis described as "dark dungeon music".

SATYRICON vhs tape 1996

"Mother North" video cassette tape, taken from their third album "Nemesis Divina" - 1996.

Because there is a naked chick on the cover of this video, it's posted "after the jump" with the actual video footage.


VHS tape from Immortal. "Masters of Rebulah Frost. Sons of Northern Darkness". Produced by David Palser for Peak Productions in Norway, 1995. Featuring "Grim and Frostbitten Kingdoms" and "Blashyrkh".

Venom tape "Black Metal" 1985

Original Venom "Black Metal" cassette tape album from 1985, American release by Combat Records.

Track listing: (this version comes with 3 bonus tracks)

1. Black Metal 3:40
2. To Hell And Back 3:00
3. Buried Alive 4:16
4. Raise The Dead 2:45
5. Acid Queen* 2:28
6. Blood Lust* 2:59
7. Teacher's Pet 4:41
8. Leave Me In Hell 3:33
9. Sacrifice 4:27
10. Heaven's On Fire 3:40
11. Countess Bathory 3:44
12. Die Hard* 3:02
13. Don't Burn The Witch 3:20
14. At War With Satan (Introduction) 2:14