Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rare interview tape, inscription by Varg Vikernes

This is yet another beyond rare Burzum object sent to me by Runhild. They (Varg and Runhild) corresponded via letter in the early mid 90's, and Varg sent her a cassette of various radio interviews he had done. He also wrote on it. Was sent from the prison he was at during the time. Beyond rare as it has both his handwriting on it (not much exists) and it is a compilation "master tape" of his interviews. Probably the only one in existence unless he still has his own copy floating about. Nice to know they gave prisoners cassette decks though ;). I will eventually upload these to Youtube, as it is multiple interviews that nobody has heard except during the time it aired on the radio in Norway.


Anonymous said...

can you put the link in the comments when you pot the interviews to youtube?

Black Metal Museum said...

I definitely will, just need another week or so

Euron said...

Can you upload the interview on Youtube?. Please