Friday, March 2, 2012

New facebook page! Join
This is our new "location". It will enable us to more quickly add items as we recieve them, trade, and have better communication amongst eachother. Please add us


Fabio Zamora said...

Hello friend, my name is Fabio Zamora, Cordoba-Argentina I'm from, and I was really impressed with his collection, uy really good and has a lot of feeling. Power you got those jewels of true black metal, belonging to the true legends of our Black Metal, is something that is priceless. I invite you to visit my page Oscur Funerl Web ( - section "NUESTRO LUGAR"), do exist since 12 years, 36 years and I'm still researching and looking for information on Black Metal, Norwegian. One question: where are you?? Norway??? ..

greetings friend
Fabio Zamora

Alberto Blanco said...

Hello Friend, I congratulate you on your blog Black Metal Museum, are all the legendary treasures displayed there. My name is Fabio Zamora of Cordoba, Argentina and greet and invite you to my site:, to "NUESTRO LUGAR", there shows our passion for the True Black Metal. A question: where is brother and display?

Best Regards

Fabio Zamora