Monday, August 15, 2011

Euronymous bullet belt(Update: Certified in writing by Metalion!!)

This is Euronymous's actual bullet belt. I aquired this from Aslak, who worked at Helvete and was a known individual in the early Norwegian scene. Aslak had access to many items, and has sold most of it to Oslo based Neseblod Records. He purchased it from Hellhammer soon after Euronymous's death. Proof can be provided if one seeks verification. Unfortunately some of the bullets were given to friends in the early '90s, and some "heads" have since fallen off the shells. One thing that is remarkable is the size, its very small, I would estimate a size 30-32 in American terms. Regardless of it's condition, this IS Euronymous's belt, and is the one he can be seen wearing in most photos of the time.


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Do you know what caliber bullet it is?

David said...

Do you actually have it or is this post just about it? If you have it I'll buy it off you. I'm not sure what a reasonable offer would be so we can discuss that but I'd start at $250
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