Monday, August 15, 2011

Burzum Demo tape belonging to Euronymous: inscription by Varg Vikernes

Donated to the museum by Runhild Gammelsæter, she states:

"The authentic demo tape of Burzum "Burzum" on recordable cassette which Varg recorded himself at home and sent to Øystein Aarseth. (Editors Note: Varg's rather distinctive handwriting can be seen on this. Later I was informed it was sent to Øystein (Euronymous) to see if he would release it on DSP). Øysteins parents let his friends have his possessions when he was killed, and I was dating one of his friends who aquired this. When he was going to break it I salvaged it. It is quite a funny object, because it is a re-used recordable cassette he must have taken from his mother. There is a small sticker on the end which says "Cat Stevens", and "Burzum" is hand written over "Metallica" on the tape. On side B he has filled in the empty space with Darkthrone (probably
to tape over the Cat Stevens...)." 

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David said...

Would you be willing to sell this? I have no idea what its worth but I'd be willing to pay a lot.
Email me at if you're interested.